VideoSound & Music Recenzje App

dont like it

I want my money back

Don't work!

The app told me to download the music in my device, I already have the music downloaded and the same message came again! Don't buy, waste of money!!! I'm so angry!

Not even worth 1 cent

Didn't work at all. It told me to download the music so I did and it still gave me the same message.

Works, kinda

The app works to add music from my library over my videos, but what's the point? It gets rejected by fb, IG, etc. for copyright infringement. So forget about sharing, you'll have to just watch them on your own :(


Just downloaded and tested with several different songs... each returned with the same error.. don't waste your time.

Very good app

This app works fine I've had no trouble working it and it is very easy to use do not think it doesn't work because of the thing where you click the music and it said something like not stored on iCloud all you have to do is click the song and download it to your music app


Terrible app, not worth the 99¢ whatsoever

No issues here

I was in search of an app that'll play videos for 1min (IG's new update) found this jem! I've had it about a month and I don't have issues downloading my music to play over a pic. I go to my music, download the music ,go back to the app, and add it to the pic. Any app will have you do this because it wants the music to physically in reach. It works the same as PicMusic but better. I have recommended this app to others, plus no watermarks! Great app guys,keep up the great work!


It tells me to download the music before adding. I do as told & still doesn't work!!! SMH

Doesn't work...

I was super excited to use this app & many other reviews said it was good but I have never been able to get it to work. When I am prompted to select a video it pulls up several "albums" from my phone photos - none of which have any files in them when you select them. My settings for the app allow access to my photos but still nothing is there. Worst 99¢ I've spent on an app since I've never even been able to use it.

Love it!

Worth the download 👍🏽

This is great so far!

Haven't experienced anything but ease of use and good things 😃


Tells me that I need to download music in my cloud before I can add I song, but I AM CHOOSING DOWNLOADED SONGS TO PLAY IN YOUR APP! Worthless.


Great for adding music to instagram videos !!

Thank You for this incredible app!

I can edit together what I need either in a Slideshow or for my videos that I need audio in the background. I've used this app so much I learned a couple of tricks myself ;) I would highly recommend it, it doesn't use watermarks and isn't hard to use...

Good for one picture...

I like this app, but if youre making a collage video, after two pictures, it gets blurry. I want to make vids with multiple pictures, but the blur is too much.

Needs dev update

Could be a nice little easy app but needs an iphone 6 update. When it imports my slo-mo video from my camera it somehow takes it out of slo-mo and makes it a regular speed video. So when I add the music and put it into instagram which does recognize the slo-mo, the music turns into slo- mo as well...

Simple beautiful little app

I love the simple intuitive design of this app. Others have too much going on. See my m1sspowers Instagram video where I added music to an Interstellar image. Took me seconds to add the audio. Love it for .99!!

Kicks me Out

It crashes every time I preview my video!


I think it's a great app but it I can't even download the video in the end cause it kicks me out

Does not work.

Doesn't let me add a song to my video. Can't believe I just spent a dollar on this piece of rubbish.


Easy to download, easy to use, Thanks

Good! But how do you transfer it to insta?

I know how to transfer it to insta and I also know how to save to my camera roll, but when I do that the music doesn't stay with the video. Please help!


Horrible please don't waste your money buying this app. It doesn't give you the option to but the type of music you want.

Best video app

I love this app easy to use and you can music off your iPhone to any video

Sweet app

Trying to figure out if u can start the music in the middle of the video or not.

Easy to use

Easy to use. Streamlined from video selection, song selection and length, to preview and export. Would like the option after exporting to go directly back to start a new video instead of having to click the back arrow and then reselecting.

Easy Peasy

Easy to use. Would be nice if you could edit pictures and add multiple pictures while adding music. If already included forgive me if I missed it. #anakinCR2


Mine stopped working. I have installed and uninstalled, restarted my phone. It shuts down when it gets to the last part of creating video. I really like this app a lot and would like some help.

Great app. Bad price

Really good app but the price is a bit to much

100% Satisfied

I've made over 200 - 15sec video clips with this app and have not had any issues. It is user-friendly and I've been 100 percent satisfied. Once, I thought there was a problem with the app when it wouldn't allow me to choose a song from my library. It wasn't until I rebooted my phone that everything worked perfect again so the issue was not with the app. Hopefully, this new update does not cause any issues. I wish the app developer(s) much success‼️


I like this app so much <3 it's easy to use for making videos

Easy to use

Simple yet impressive


Can make pic with song but can't upload to Instagram it fails every time please fix


Only allows me to add sounds I record or music I bought from itunes. I paid for this hoping to have a library of sounds or little songs to choose from! I wish I could get a refund...


Just what I was looking for!

Good but I have one question...

I really like this app but the reason it is missing a star is because of the one thing I have been searching for in similar apps but is just nowhere to be found. I am looking for an app that can let you start the music anywhere in the video not having to start it at the beginning and play through the whole video. I don't know how viners do this. I wanted to use this mostly for vine but no app I have found has that feature. It's basically the same as two other apps I downloaded.....

Amazing but...

this app would get 5 stars easy but when you make a video with just one photo, once the music starts the photos quality severely diminishes to the point where the whole video is ruined. I hope there's a future update that fixes this problem…

Very worth it !!!!

I love that you can adjust the sounds wether you want to have the sounds from the video or from a song/recording that you added on to it. Im very satisfied :)

Just what I was looking for!

Starts the song wherever you want it. Could only be better if you could stop the song early

Thumbs down

Horrible app, waste of money. All my uploads end up with super blurry pics and sometimes even messes with the audio quality.

Don't buy this! Scam

I can't even start a new project or delete the photo I chose by accident. Total waste. Apple, I demand my 0.99 cents back.

Works like a charm

Add the music I want to the video and saves it to my camera roll. Love this app!!!

Love it!

Soooo easy to use, easily worth my $0.99!

Doesn't work

You can cut a video, you can choose a song, but when its time to publish it either doesnt save to your camera roll like it suggests nor does it get uploaded to instagram with the song intact. Waste of money.

You can't add more videos

You can only edit one video. I figured the app would be able to mash multiple videos. You can't even add multiple photos; only one. Bogus. I wish I didn't buy it.

Add your own music/audio to a video

This app was just what I was looking for to add music from my iTunes library to an Instagram video. The app is dead simple to use, enabling you to trim your video to a custom length or a 15-second Instagram video length, then select audio to go over it. You can choose the audio start point and whether you want it to fade in/out. You can mix your audio/music with the original video's audio anyway you wish. You then preview the video before export (which is SUPER fast on my 5S). If you decide to tweak your audio or video once you preview your result, it's as simple as hitting the Back button in the app to get things right. Once you're done you can export to your Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook, or email. Great app. Nice work, developers!

Awesome app!

I use it all the time, great app!


Just quickly tried it to make sure it actually works. It does and is easy to use as well. Can't wait to actually use it.

Does not work!!!!!

It works when saving to my camera roll, but not when trying to upload to Instagram!!!

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